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MiniJimBox was designed to save teachers time and streamline lesson plans. MiniJimBox allows you to set up and visualize a miniature version of a gym circuit. Plan your lessons from home easily and create the most effective visualization in half the time!

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With MiniJimBox, it’s easy to set up a mini parkour circuit as a blueprint and save a lot of time setting up the actual parkour. Designed specifically for physical education teachers, MiniJimBox gives teachers the ability to show students exactly where every piece of equipment is and how it is used. This significantly increases the effective movement time! By building up the theoretical model in practical lessons, a central anchor point is created which becomes a constant meeting point. This calms the group. In addition, the motivation increases as the building up goal is in front of everyone’s eyes and each person can be assigned a role more easily, making it easier for each participant to be involved.

Set up the MiniJimBox in a quiet place to debrief after the lesson. Being able to see the whole model anchors the debriefing discussion and guides students in their self-evaluation on how they performed on the course. MiniJimBox also helps students from different backgrounds with varying language abilities to express themselves and suggestions for improvement.

This set consists of:

  • 1x Sorting Box (Including inlay boxes and carrying strap)
  • 1x First Task Cards (DinA5)
  • 1x Lattice Ladder
  • 3x Horizontal Bar
  • 4x Vaulting Horse
  • 4x Flying Ring
  • 20x Small Gym Mat
  • 4x Modular Large Vaulting Box
  • 1x Balance Beam
  • 1x Pommel Horse
  • 6x Rope
  • 2x Vault Trampoline
  • 6x Medicine Ball
  • 8x Small Vaulting Box
  • 4x Long Bench
  • 2x Short Bench
  • 4x Big Gym Mat
  • 4x Springboard
  • 8x Fitness Rod
  • 2x Wall Bars
  • 2x Parallel Bars
  • 10x Slalom Pole
  • 8x Field Marker
  • 8x Hoop
  • 2x Flat Balance Beam
  • 8x Cone
  • 1x Field Marker Chain

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The MiniJimBox, as well as all other MiniJim products, is not a toy. It is not for children under 14 years of age. It is an educational tool used for visualisation for teaching purposes in schools or other educational situations.

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