With the MiniJimApp, you digitally accompany your individual sports lessons!
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Teach sports with Jimmy!

Jimmy accompanies you and your students in the app.

The MiniJim App is not just a digital extension of the MiniJimBox, but will gradually accompany the entire physical education class.

The first theoretical physical education lesson:
With the school license version (release summer 2024), you can assign tasks to the students, such as behavior and game rules, and then directly query them in the app as a test.


Since August 2023 in our app:

minijimapp - tools


With the new Tools section, you now have access to numerous in-app mini-apps.


Since July 2023 in our app:

minijimapp - minijimgames


With MiniJimGames, you have access to numerous physical education games! We also present a variant of each game using the MiniJimBox. Look forward to many more games in the future!

minijimapp - minijimcards


You set a broad goal with the MiniJimCards by giving each student group a card and the available parts. The students in their group then develop their own course related to the theme. Each MiniJimCard contains a solution variant. This way, students creatively design a solution pathway, which is then collectively reviewed for feasibility and safety.


Since June 2023 in our app:


With MiniJimRules, you can easily and visually explain to your students how to behave in physical education classes. We are already working on various rule compilations, which we will publish in the near future!

minijimapp - minijimrules

Upgrade Ideas

In our Upgrade Ideas section, you will find numerous ideas on how you can upgrade your MiniJimBox with little effort on your own.

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